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 What our customers are saying

Fintech Global
Mariyan Dimitrov

"AdvisionIT helped us migrate our entire portfolio of websites to the Cloud promptly and professionally. They understood our requirements very well and maintained clear communication with us throughout all stages of the process. As a result, we have seen a huge decrease in load times and closure of open vulnerabilities giving us potential confidence that outages will not impact our business with the new infrastructure. I recommend AdvisionIT to any company looking to move to the Cloud."

Pronet Gaming
Ruben Lozano Dias

"Once we decided to change strategically to AWS, AdvisionIT immediately helped us set up our environments, cost optimization techniques, security practices, engineering standards, Cloud processes, and helped refresh staff with previous AWS experience. Without AdvisionIT, we would look at massive delays in starting our AWS environments and waiting to reinforce our teams with AWS Savvy staff. AdvisionIT has been critical for our operation, and if we didn´t have them, it would have delayed our ops for more than one year."

Rozara Group
Pavel Enchev

"AdvisionIT is a partner I would always work with. The main thing is that working with them is "comfortable". As a manager, every moment is valuable, and when you achieve results, speed and communication literally flows, this partner becomes part of "your team."




Phoenix Provider
Michele Del Borrello

"AdvisionIT team is always professional and works at their best to provide excellent solutions for every technical need we have. Also, they are the most reliable and skilled partners we have had throughout time. There is nothing that the Advanced Vision IT team cannot do server and client side: managing, configuring, and deploying the best solution we need to manage our software development tasks."

Rozara Group
Vladimir Stoyanov

"It is a pleasure to work with professionals who understand how important it is for problems to be resolved quickly and in a reliable way."


Pronet Gaming
Atanas Stefanov

"AdvisionIT has been an amazing partner and has assisted us every step of the way and continues to do so. We have specifically reached out to them following our journey because of the high quality and professionalism they bring to the table. We would not have gotten to this stage and kept improving if it wasn't for our partner."