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 Proofpoint Email Protection 

Detect and Block Both Known and Unknown Email Threats

Email is the number one threat vector—more than 90% of cyber attacks start with email.

Proofpoint Email Protection helps secure and control your inbound and outbound email. It uses machine learning and multilayered detection techniques to identify and block malicious email. It also dynamically classifies today’s threats and common nuisances and gives you granular control over a wide range of email. This includes imposter email, phishing, malware, spam, bulk mail and more. It also offers complete flexibility with custom security policies and mail routing rules. And it’s the most deployed email security solution by the Fortune 1000, and it scales for even the largest enterprise. What’s more, it supports cloud, on-premises and hybrid installations. 


  •  See more threats, detect faster, and protect better 
  •  Improve productivity with fast email tracing and email hygiene
  •  Scale for large enterprises with complete flexibility
  •  Provide operational efficiencies via automation of security operation and threat response
  •  Extend protection with integrated email encryption, email DLP, Targeted Attack Protection and more
  •  Deliver industry-leading SLAs when deployed in the cloud: - 99.999% service availability - 100% virus protection - less than one-minute email latency - 99% blocked or redirected spam 


  •  Detect Phishing and Impostor Email
  •  Block Malicious and Unwanted Email
  •  Track down any e-mail in seconds
  •  Scales for large enterprise with a complete flexibility
  •  Raise end-user security awareness
  •  Centrally manage across E-mail encryption and DLP