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Supported operating systems and environments Vulnerability assessment for linux machines Vulnerability assessment and patch management
 Supported Cyber Protect features by the operating system


Bundle 1 Bundle 5 Bundle 10 Bundle 15

Оnboarding Hours free of charge

1 2 5 7

Hours monthly Support & Monitoring services

- 1 4 7

Cyber Protect for Virtual Machine

1 5 10 15

Included per device Cloud storage at Acronis Data Center

125 GB 125 GB per licence
625 GB for all licenses
125 GB per licence
1250 GB for all licenses
125 GB per licence
1875 GB for all licenses
  •  Service Provisioning  - You will get immediate access to the Cloud Console of Acronis. Once you purchase the Cyber Protection & Backup service, an Account Manager from AdvisionIT will contact you during business hours and schedule the provisioning of the service. Usually, an online onboarding meeting is being planned with our team to get to know you and your IT environment.
  •  30 days free of charge  - Your credit card is going to be debited in 30 days after the trial period is over.


Acronis Cyber Protect 

The only all-in-one Cyber Protection Solution for environments of any size. 

  •  5 Challenges of Protection  - Complexity, Cost, Security, Privacy.
  •  5 Vectors of Protection  - Safety, Accessibility, Privacy, Authenticity, Security.
  •  5 Stages of Protection  - Prevention, Detection, Response, Recovery, Forensics.
  •  5 Benefits of Cyber Protection  - Easy of use, Low TCO, Security, Control, Reliability.
  •  1 Product for Cyber Protection  - one Agent, one Policy, one UI, one License, one Vendor.

Security Challenges

Commoditization of threats, huge surface of attack.

  •  Security is a MUST  - Every single company is concerned with security.
  •  Security is Complex  - Special training for all IT Professionals and users is required for security of ever more complex infrastructure.
  •  Growing Attack Surface  - New & more applications, systems, processes, data and new people onboarded every day.
  •  Insider  Threat  - Malicious or accidental actions of, service provider employees, company users and IT staff.
  •  Threat Automation - Discovery of vulnerabilities, ransomware, phishing campaign, data theft - all automated with AI.