DevOps consulting services:  From Plan to Apply 

We have а DevOps approach of managing any ICT environment. Our goal is to automate the required Business or IT processes as much as possible to improve the efficiency of the company by bringing together the Software Development, ICT, and Business teams.

We do not only use popular tools like Docker, Terraform, Puppet, GIT, or Ansible. Our team of IT experts will go deep, evaluate the technical and operational needs of your environment, suggest а technical solution, and write tailor-made scripts or code that can automate a specific business need.


 Code Integration 

We can suggest and configure for you the right hosting platform with the right tools, which will ensure continuous integration of your software.



 Configuration Management 

We can standardize System and Application configuration across the whole IT infrastructure



 Infrastructure Management 

We can bring the DevOps methodology working in your organization.





We can automate the software deployment process making your software development department much more efficient in their daily work and reducing the overall business risk related to the ongoing change and improvements of applications.


 DevOps-as-a-Service advantages
  • DevOps as a Service can be ideal for companies that  lack internal DevOps expertise , or the budget to obtain or train up employees with those skills.
  • You gain  instant access to experienced DevOps engineers , who can share their expertise to your project from the beginning.
  • We engage with lots of projects for many companies in various industries like Cyber Security, Fintech, Betting/Gaming, Telecom, Advisory. This provides invaluable Research and Development experience to our teams, so they can tell at once, which approaches and IT solutions will work, and which ones will not for your environment. This is going to help you save time and money while  avoiding costly mistakes in your project and business
  • A  dedicated or shared DevOps team  is able to provide your IT and Software Development team with documentation and mentorship. That is going to help your in-house IT department master your new  DevOps tools, processes, and systems. Like that you can learn from other’s mistakes, instead of making your own.