Next Generation Firewall

A Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is a type of firewall that provides advanced security features beyond traditional firewalls. NGFWs are designed to address the evolving threat landscape and to protect networks from modern cyber-attacks such as advanced persistent threats (APTs), malware, and network intrusions.

NGFWs typically provide the following key features:

  •  Advanced Threat Prevention:  NGFWs include integrated security technologies such as intrusion prevention systems (IPS), sandboxing, and threat intelligence to detect and prevent malicious traffic.

  •  Аpplication Control:  NGFWs can inspect and control network traffic based on the specific application being used. This allows organizations to restrict access to certain applications, enforce security policies, and prioritize bandwidth.

  •  User Awareness:  NGFWs can identify and authenticate users and apply security policies based on user identity, location, and device.

  •  Encryption:  NGFWs can provide encryption for VPN trafficand other secure communication channels.

  •  Analytics and Reporting:  NGFWs can provide real-time and historical visibility into network trafficand security events.

NGFWs provide a more comprehensive and integrated approach to network security than traditional firewalls. By combining advanced threat prevention, application control, and user awareness, NGFWs provide organizations with a stronger defense against cyber-attacks and security threats.

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