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  •  Service Provisioning  - You will get immediate access to the Cloud Console of Acronis. Once you purchase the Cyber Protection & Backup service, an Account Manager from AdvisionIT will contact you during business hours and schedule the provisioning of the service. Usually, an online onboarding meeting is planned with our team to get to know you and your IT environment.
  •  30 days free of charge  - Your credit card will be debited 30 days after the trial period is over.



⇒  What is DLP? 

  •  Data Loss Prevention  refers to tools and processes to prevent data leakage or loss. It also helps you guard against data misuse or unauthorized access to information stored and managed in business systems.
  • Data Loss Prevention software can also be beneficial for tracking the flow of information to different business departments. The software lets you track and evaluate data flows to understand how information moves throughout your business. As such, the software can help you  identify and address data leakage vulnerabilities  before cybercriminals can exploit them.
Why to Invest in DLP

 Why to Invest in DLP 

  •  Minimize insider threats  - Prevent data leakage due to employee negligence or malicious insiders by blocking any unauthorized attempt to access or transfer data, discovering and protecting sensitive data-at-rest.
  •  Gain visibility into data protection  - Reduce the complexity of data protection and cut reporting times with a single DLP solution for thorough visibility over data flows and user behavior.
  •  Enforce process compliance  - Reduce information security risks and comply with IT security standards and regulations by enforcing data use and handling policies that users can’t avoid following.
What Advanced DLP does

⇒  What Advanced DLP(Data Loss Prevention) does? 

  •  Protects sensitive data  transferred via a wide array of user and system communications, including network communications such as instant messaging and peripheral devices like USBs. 
  •  Profiles outgoing, sensitive data flows  from workloads to automatically create, recommend and enable tuning of policies — ensuring protection against the most common causes of data transfers to unauthorized parties. 
  •  Provides  continuous monitoring for DLP incidents  with multiple policy enforcement options.
  •  Enables  rapid response and post-breach forensic investigations  with robust audit and logging capabilities. 
  •  Uses the unified Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud console and agent for  data visibility and classification.