AWS Cloud Optimization 

Our optimization will allow you to identify cost savings, usage, performance, security, and availability opportunities. We save an average of 20-30% of your monthly billing.



 AWS Migrations & Consultancy 

One of the biggest problems with adopting a cloud strategy is how you get there. We have the tools, experience, and expertise that will make your journey to the cloud seamless and painless.


 AWS Monitoring & Management 

Managing cloud environments is sometimes difficult and crucial for every company. Advanced Vision IT offers 24x7 Monitoring and Support, with 1 hour or less SLA for a response. Our Managed Services are pro-active and resolve potential problems on time, providing the needed business contingency.

 Audit & Risk Assessment 

Our IT Audit & Risk Assessment in the cloud help companies maintain high-performing, secure, and highly available infrastructure for their applications.



Benefits of our AWS Cloud Technology Services

  •   Cost savings 

By outsourcing your cloud-managed services, you are going to reduce your integration and maintenance costs. Having a full-time IT department is expensive and often unnecessary for small to medium-sized businesses. If you decide to outsource the Cloud management function to a services provider like Advisionit, that can save you thousands each year on the cost of an in-house IT department.


  •   Predictable, recurring monthly costs 

With the flexibility of the cloud-managed services, you decide how much you’re willing to pay for Cloud Hosting and IT services. Based on that, you are going to have a consistent monthly bill. For example, a gaming/betting service has a spike in customers during the Covid-19 period and will need more IT support or Cloud resources during the third quarter of the year and less during the other periods.  We can offer you a fixed or flexible monthly Cloud Management plan that is fully customized to fit your needs and budget. Like that, You can optimize the amount you pay for IT support and Cloud hosting. 

  •   Latest technology and most innovative management services 

Migrating to a cloud environment is the first step to using the latest technology and services available to your business. Our Cloud architects are already prepared to manage the latest technology in the Cloud. So your IT personnel does not need to spend company time training when a new skill is required.


 AWS Cloud Security 

End-to-end Cloud Security, provided by a certified AWS team and Security Professionals


 Microsoft Workloads 

Technical capabilities and success stories in helping customers migrate and deploy Microsoft Solutions in the Cloud


 Linux Workloads 

Technical capabilities and success stories in helping customers migrate and deploy Linux Solutions in the Cloud




Deep experience helping the customers to implement Continuous integration and delivery practices. Automation of infrastructure with different configuration management tools on AWS.