Behind the success of AdvisionIT&Devs  

Yavor Y. Zlatev, CEO of AdvisionIT 

With his 20 years of experience in the IT field, Yavor Y.Zlatev (LinkedIn Profile) had the chance to participate in various projects abroad, having lived for 15 years outside of Bulgaria. His main projects involved building and maintaining client IT environments in familiar technological domains relevant to every company working with Data (Linux, Microsoft, Computer Networks, Cybersecurity, and Databases). Yavor has extensive experience with Software Developomemt&DevOps environments over the years.

In the past ten years, Yavor has been actively working on developing AdvisionIT. The main idea is to provide a "Full Lifecycle "of IT and Business services a company needs from a single Service Provider. The company offers a whole stack of Services – from Software Development to Cloud Integration, Cybersecurity and IT Management. Yavor has extensive experience in Fintech, Gamming&Betting industry, Cybersecurity, eCommerce, Telecom(Data Center), and Cloud industry. 



Alexander Boychev, Senior Account Manager

Alexander Boychev (LinkedIn Profile link) is a Senior Technical Account Manager at AdvisionIT. He is responsible for providing technical guidance and information to clients on various software and hardware solutions related to Cloud, Cybersecurity and technology domain services. Some of his primary responsibilities and duties include building and maintaining client relationships. He is often the main point of contact with the clients. He is responsible for providing pre-sales and after-sales services to clients.

He profoundly understands the company's products and technologies and can help clients find the best ones. He plays a vital role in ensuring clients succeed using the company's products and technologies. Also leads projects as a Project Manager related to the company's products and technologies. He works with clients to define their project requirements, help them determine the optimal budget and manage timelines and deliverables.


Miroslav Sultanov, Account Manager

Miroslav Sultanov (LinkedIn Profile link) is a Technical Account Manager at AdvisionIT, and his main goal is to provide pre-sales and after-sales services to clients. He helps them with the technical aspects of cybersecurity products and solutions and creates customized multi-vendor proposals that include cybersecurity services and cloud technologies. He also collaborates with the rest of the IT and Project Management team as a Project Coordinator/Project Manager. Miroslav has a technical background in Software Development and QA and, at the same time, is a certified technical account manager professional with vendors like Sophos, AWS etc.

He strives to generate new business opportunities from new and existing clients and analyzes the client's business and technical requirements for Software Development, Cloud, and Cybersecurity solutions. He develops project implementation plans and their necessary documentation.