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You can feel more secure for your IT environment and business only if you control well the three important elements of a successfully managed IT Department - People, Processes and Technologies. Most companies purchase cybersecurity technologies and do not invest in People and the Right Process which will protect them and lower the  Business Impact in case of a Cybersecurity incident 

An IT audit can help you identify and highlight critical areas for improvement within your IT Department and Organization. The free IT audit is the perfect starting point if you do not know what is necessary for your company data to be cyber-protected. Advanced Vision IT Audit will cover the most important areas of your business. Our team will review the technologies in use and existing processess. During the IT Audit, we will evaluate how prepared is your IT team to protect you in case of cybersecurity issues. You will receive a short report describing the areas of improvement and issues.

Advanced Vision IT Free IT Audit covers the following:

  •  Short Review of the cybersecurity technologies in use by the organization.
  •  Short Review of the internal IT processes and practices. 
  •  Identification of key risk areas of your IT Environment.
  •  Recommendations for Cybersecurity and IT technologies.
  •  Recommendations for changes to the current IT process in the organization.
  •  Duration of the IT Audit - from 2 to 4 business hours.

How does our free IT audit work?

When you request a free IT audit from us, the technical solution management team will contact you to discuss your current IT environment. We will meet the responsible person on your organization's business and technical side. Once your IT audit is completed, we will provide you with a written short report grading individual processes and IT Areas with a color coding system. Red indicates the highest priority for addressing, orange medium priority and green for lower priority considerations. 

What will be the additional provided benefits?

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