What is Email Protection

Email Protection refers to the set of tools and techniques used to protect email systems and users from various email-based threats such as spam, phishing, malware, and other types of cyber attacks.

Email protection solutions typically include:

  •  Spam filters:  These are designed to block unsolicited and unwanted emails from reaching a user's inbox.
  •  Anti-phishing protection:  This involves the use of advanced algorithms to identify and block phishing emails that attempt to trick users into disclosing sensitive information.
  •  Malware protection This involves scanning incoming emails and attachments for malware and viruses, and blocking them before they can reach the user's inbox.
  •  Encryption:  This involves the use of encryption to secure the content of emails and attachments to prevent unauthorized access.
  •  Data loss prevention:  This involves monitoring outgoing emails and attachments for sensitive data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or intellectual property.

Email protection is a critical component of any organization's security strategy since email is one of the most common vectors for cyber attacks. A comprehensive email protection solution can help reduce the risk of email-based threats and protect an organization's sensitive information.





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