Siemplify SOAR Platform

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 Platform Capabilities 

  •  Threat-Centric Case Management  - Reduce caseload by as much as 80% by working a prioritized case queue that automatically groups related alerts from across your detection tools.
  •  Customizable Playbooks  - Build customizable processes that automate everything from case enrichment to response with simple drag and drop.
  •  Context-Driven Investigation   - Instantly understand and visualize the who/what/when of a security incident by leveraging a patented contextual engine.
  •  Crisis Management   - Enable stakeholders inside and outside the SOC to streamline both tactical and strategic responses to a successful cyberattack.
  •  Machine Learning Recommendations  - Get smarter with every alert and analyst interaction and receive recommendations based on historical data to prioritize and investigate alerts more effectively.
  •  Collaboration and Teamwork Harness the full power of your team for faster, more efficient incident response. All interaction is captured in a central, easily searchable, and readily auditable repository.
  •  Real-time SOC Metrics and KPIs  - Rise above the daily firefighting and drive continuous improvement by tracking and analyzing a wide range of SOC key performance indicators across people, process, and technology.